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NGA Honors Brandon Scholz with NGA Association Leadership Award

May 01, 2014

Arlington, VA - Brandon Scholz, President and CEO of the Wisconsin Grocers Association (WGA) was presented the National Grocers Association (NGA) Association Leadership Award for his dedication and contributions to the independent supermarket industry.  

Throughout his career, Scholz has been a steadfast industry leader, steering many successful state and federal legislative efforts on a number of critical issues that have greatly benefited the grocery industry in both Wisconsin and the nation. 

"It's an honor to recognize Brandon for his outstanding leadership and resilient commitment to the independent grocery sector, not only in the state of Wisconsin, but for the industry as a whole. His participation and involvement in various educational and advocacy programs and industry events have raised the visibility of the independent grocer.  He is held in the highest regard by the industry, his members, and elected officials throughout the state of Wisconsin," said Peter J. Larkin, President and CEO of NGA. 

Prior to joining WGA, Scholz led a 15-year career on the local, state, and national political levels, serving as the Chief of Staff to Congressman Scott Klug (R-WI-2), and other various political appointments under Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson.  Scholz recently served on both the NGA Board of Directors and the Food Industry Association Executives Board of Directors, and currently serves on the Advisory Board of WisPolitics.Com.

Past recipients of this special recognition include Jan Gee, President and CEO of the Washington Food Industry Association, Kathy Siefken, Executive Director of the Nebraska Grocery Industry Association, Jim Olsen, President of the Food Industry Association Executives (FIAE), Dan Shaul, State Director of the Missouri Grocers Association, Jim Rogers, retired President and CEO of the Food Industry Alliance of New York, Pat Hicks, retired Executive Director Kentucky Grocers Association, Jerry Fleagle, former President and CEO, Iowa Grocery Industry Association, Tom Jackson, former President and CEO, Ohio Grocers Association, and John Dumais, President and CEO of the New Hampshire Grocers. 

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