SCAM WARNING! N.G.A. has no connection with the "Customer Windfall Sweepstakes Promotion"

May 30, 2012

It has come to our attention that there is a letter/check scam utilizing the name of our company, the National Grocers Association.  The premise of this scam is that consumers receive a letter and check in the mail from “Payment Alliance International – Agridient Div." or similar type company stating that they are winners of the “CUSTOMER WINDFALL SWEEPSTAKE PROMOTION" organized by the National Grocers Association and the British Retailers Association.  (Sometimes the related organization’s names are changed.) The letter claims the recipient will receive a prize of $50,000, $67,000 or $70,000 prize for doing business at one of several national retailers. Included with the "Prize” scam letter is a check to cover the "Winner’s taxes” on the prize. The "Winner” is requested to deposit the check into their bank account and call for instructions. You are advised to not cash the bogus checks because it may results in a loss of your funds.

The National Grocers Association has NO association with this scheme. If you believe that the check is related to a sweepstakes or promotion drawing, DO NOT cash the check. 


  1. If possible, please fax or email a copy of the letter and check to Christine Cunnick at 703-516-0115 (fax) or
  2. Report the scam to the Federal Trade Commission Complaint Department.  Visit and fill in as much information as possible.  When filling out the online form – Under “Let’s Get Started” Select Other…then select “Lottery or Sweepstake”.
  3. Please destroy and discard the check and letter immediately. Any attempt to deposit the check may result in a loss of your personal funds.


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