Industry Affairs

Creating New Opportunities to Compete More Effectively

NGA's Industry Relations department provides support for independent grocers on the latest trading partner issues while creating forums that lead to new opportunities with manufacturers, service suppliers and wholesalers that help independents grow their business. Collaborate on key issues, solve business challenges, and learn about the new developments in technology, health and wellness, food safety, data security, and beyond.

Advocating for a Stronger, Committed Industry

Understanding what is on the horizon is exceedingly important in protecting a strong, vibrant industry that offers opportunity for innovation. By monitoring trends and issues, NGA is proactive in identifying opportunities and averting or minimizing potential problems. We gather information and knowledge about these issues and, when appropriate, lead an effort with our key partners to address them. The following are key platforms and issues NGA manages:

Trading Partner Advisory Council

Comprised of independent retailers, wholesalers, consumer packaged goods manufacturers and service/solution providers, the Trading Partner Advisory Council (TPAC) serves to provide a strong voice for independent grocers while creating forums that lead to new opportunities with manufacturers, service suppliers and wholesalers that help the entire independent retail sector grow their business and compete more effectively. If you are interested in getting involved with NGA’s TPAC, please contact Brian Lynch, VP, Industry Relations at 703-516-8825 or

Trading Partner Business Sessions

The NGA Trading Partner Business Sessions (TPBS) program represents a key opportunity to connect independent retailers and wholesalers with manufacturers and service suppliers (“trading partners”) through pre-arranged senior level meetings designed to discuss mutual business opportunities, strategies and goals. This invitation-only program provides a professional setting for members to meet with current and potential trading partners. TPBS will be held in conjunction with the NGA Fall Board Meeting. TPBS meetings will be scheduled Thursday, October 8 from 8:00 AM. – 5:00 P.M. and Friday, October 9 from 8:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M.  For more information please visit:

Joint Industry Collaboration Platforms

  • Facts Up Front

Facts Up Front labels display how many calories and how much saturated fat, sodium and sugar is in each serving. Some labels may also provide information about other good nutrients, such as fiber and calcium. To learn more, check out the interactive label.

Facts Up Front is a voluntary nutritional product labeling initiative led by the Grocery Manufacturers Association, which represents the nation's leading food and beverage companies, and the Food Marketing Institute, which represents more than 1,500 food wholesalers and retailers. The facts are grounded in consensus nutrition science and are straight from the
Nutrition Facts Panel that you're used to seeing on the side or back of food packages. 

Products bearing the Facts Up Front label are already in stores, and in the months to come, you'll see Facts Up Front labels on more and more of your favorite foods. To learn which of America’s leading manufacturers and retailers are participating in Facts Up Front,
click here.

In March of this year, NGA cohosted a webinar for NGA members on how they can access retail marketing materials and label design.  A copy of that webinar deck can be found:

Facts Up Front Retail Portal
Facts Up Front Consumer Website
NGA/GMA Facts Up Front Webinar Deck (March 6, 2014) 

  • Frozen Food Roundtable

The Frozen Food Roundtable (FFRT), organized under the auspices of the American Frozen Food Institute (AFFI), and supported by ConAgra Foods, Hillshire Brands, General Mills, Heinz North America, Kellogg Company, Pinnacle Food Group, Nestle USA and The Schwan Food Group, has launched the "Frozen. How Fresh Stays Fresh." national consumer facing campaign designed to change how consumers think and feel about frozen foods. As a critical part of this effort, The FFRT developed a retailers support portal to provide the tools, materials and messaging to enable you to easily and effectively extend the campaign's television and digital advertising to your shoppers.

NGA has partnered with the FFRT And AFFI to provide complimentary access to this site for retail and wholesale members (with annual frozen food category sales <$800MM). Please contact Brian Lynch, NGA's Vice President of Industry Relations at (703) 516-8825 or to get portal access details. 

  • Joint Industry Coupon Committee 

NGA, as a member of the Joint Industry Coupon Committee (JICC) has been working to address industry coupon guidelines with updated information on data standards, digital coupons and fraud and counterfeit coupon deterrence. In conjunction with the Coupon Information Corporation, NGA sends Fraudulent Coupon Alerts to members warning of new fraudulent and counterfeit coupons in the marketplace with information how to spot them before they are redeemed.

NGA Press Release:

 JICC Urges Retailers to Prepare for Retirement of Coupon Barcodes

GS1 DataBar for Coupons Fact Sheet

JICC Voluntary Guidelines for Digital Coupons: Updated with Paperless Invoice Standards

View past Fraudulent Coupon Alerts

  • Partnership for Food Safety Education

NGA is a member of the Partnership for Food Safety Education as a sponsoring partner. The Partnership’s mission is to end illness and death from foodborne infection in the United States. The organization was formed in 1997 in response to an independent panel report which called for a national public-private partnership to educate the public about safe food handling and preparation and supports health educators and influencers by making their work more visible, collaborative, and effective. Click here to learn more:

  • Rapid Recall Exchange

Rapid Recall Exchange® is an online service that provides a method for suppliers to communicate to retailers 24/7, alerting them that there is a product recall or withdrawal event. With Rapid Recall Exchange, recalls quickly gain the attention of retailers, without suppliers having to go through the time consuming process of finding the right contact and communicating the right message.  Rapid Recall Exchange was created by GS1 US in conjunction with the Food Marketing Institute and is endorsed by Grocery Manufacturers Association and National Grocers Association. Find out more by visiting: 

  • Association Coalition for Transactional Data Security 

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of requirements designed to ensure that ALL companies that process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment; essentially any merchant that has a Merchant ID (MID). 

The Coalition for Data Security seeking to address PCI Compliance through legislative/administrative means, create technology roadmap for the industry to follow and develop an education center with coalition partners for the benefit of our members.

New Partnerships


A newly announced partnership between NGA and The Coca-Cola Company provides NGA independent retail and wholesale members, complimentary access to the following valuable assets RetailNet Group:

  •  A global database or over 212,000 store photos in 2,600 photo galleries covering all retail   channels.  Each individual photo in the store database is smart tagged to 97 different departments, allowing you to see what is happening in a specific category, at the shelf, across:  regions, markets, retailers, retail channels and even over time!
  • A weekly newsletter featuring latest news and analysis on the grocery industry and in-store trends. 
  •  A quarterly insights and trends webinar series—dates to be announced soon!
  •  Access to Retail News and List Rankings Reports

The Farm 2 Store partnership provides NGA independent retail and wholesale members access to the following programs at an exclusive members-only discount of 15%:

  • Farmer's Market Events
  • Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program
  • Meet the Grower Events
  • Fall Festival Promotion Program
  • Food Safety-Good Agricultural Practices (G.A.P.) Training and Auditing

Contact Information

Brian Lynch
Vice President of Industry Relations

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