The Grocers PAC is the sole political action committee (PAC) representing the independent grocer and allows employers and employees to participate in the political process in a meaningful way. The Grocers PAC was created to help protect and promote the future success of the independent sector and supports candidates for Congress who understand our business, whose values and goals align with our mission, and who are willing to work with us to achieve our legislative and regulatory goals.

Federal law requires companies to “authorize” the PAC for each year before NGA can share details about the PAC or solicit contributions.  Please note, federal law only allows companies to authorize one trade association federal PAC annually and the company must be a member of NGA. 

Grocers PAC Approval Form

Grocers PAC "Sample" Contribution Form

Contact Information

Greg Ferrara
Vice President, Public Affairs

Maggie Lyons
Director, Government Relations

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