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N.G.A. News Release: Paycheck Fairness Act Misguided; Threatens Jobs

Jun 05, 2012

Paycheck Fairness Act Misguided; Threatens Jobs
National Grocers Association Urges Senate to Defeat the Bill

Arlington, VA – Today, the National Grocers Association (N.G.A.) President & CEO Peter Larkin sent a letter to the U.S. Senate on behalf of independent retail grocers and wholesalers across the country urging them to vote against the Paycheck Fairness Act (S.3220).  The legislation would enact more government regulations and further limit employers’ current right to base pay criteria upon other factors other than sex to education, training, and experience.

“The Paycheck Fairness Act is a misguided bill that will suppress jobs, increase excessive government regulations on independent retail grocers and wholesalers,and will ultimately expose thousands of businesses to more frivolous class action lawsuits and potential punitive damages,” stated Mr. Larkin in the letter.

With current laws that already make gender discrimination illegal, the Paycheck Fairness Act would go well beyond those regulations and force more government mandates on employers.  Passing such legislation would be construed as irresponsible when the U.S. unemployment rate is at 8.2% and businesses are struggling under increased government regulations. 

“All businesses, regardless of size would be affected.  The Paycheck Fairness Act calls for more government spending, increased regulation, less employer flexibility and reduced employee privacy,” wrote Mr. Larkin. “N.G.A. strongly urges the Senate to reject this legislation.”

To read the letter in its entirety, click here.

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