Food Industry University Coalition (FIUC)

Maximizing the Value of Academic Contributions to the Food Industry through Collaboration

Historically, our nation's colleges and universities have prepared students for productive careers in the retail food industry, and have provided industry executives with continuing education programs to enrich their skills and leadership. They have also conducted research aimed at bringing knowledge and perspective to the food industry. In 2004, with guidance and support from the National Grocers Association, the Food Industry University Coalition was formed when representatives from 9 food and retailing industry university programs met. Today, the Food Industry University Coalition includes members from 13 university programs who meeting semi-annually to advance a collaborative agenda of industry focused academics and research. Its mission is to leverage the combined wealth of its member's intellectual capital, strategic perspective and third party status to provide thought leadership for the food industry in dealing with its most challenging issues. Roles of the Food Industry University Coalition include:

  • Creating a forum where academic professionals involved in food industry programs can exchange ideas.

  • Maintaining/Promoting academic standards.

  • Advancing the collective intellectual capital of group.

  • Promoting individual academic/research programs of member institutions to the food/retail industry.

  • Promoting and advancing career opportunities for students of member institutions.

  • Providing continuing education programs to the food/retail industry to advance disciplinary competency levels and cross industry competitiveness.

  • Contributing to the industry knowledgebase and depth of academic disciplines related to the food supply chain.

  • Partnering with the National Grocers Association in their initiatives, programs and strategic direction.

Membership in the Food Industry University Coalition is limited to programs of accredited academic institutions conducting research on topics related to the food/retail industry on an ongoing basis, and carries the following expectations for participation:

  • At least on person from each program attend meetings regularly (at least annually).

  • Collaboration on academic/research to advance coalition strategic initiatives.

  • Providing opportunities to students for contact with/involvement in industry.

Anyone interested in more information on the Food Industry University Coalition can contact Renee Hughner of Arizona State University, Morrison School of Agri-Business.

2014 Roster of Food Industry University Coalition Academic Institutions:

Student Case Study Competition

The Case Study Competition furthers the professional development of students from participating university food and retail programs.   

The 2014 Case Study Competition provides student teams with the opportunity to creatively address a real-world issue currently impacting the industry. The competition, generously sponsored by the Asparagus Club, awards up to $4,000 for winning teams of four students who successfully address this year's case study question:

Fresh Encounter, Inc. graciously provided data and information to help students make a case for a ‘local’ initiative. 

Congratulations to Western Michigan University, winner of the 2014 competition.

Fresno State
Western Michigan University
University of Minnesota
Louisiana State University
St Joseph's University
Portland State University
Arizona State University

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