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2017 Outstanding Marketer

The title of 2017 Outstanding Marketer was awarded to Broulim's Video Campaign “Hear from Customers Like You.” Broulim's hired a film crew to visit the homes of five Broulim's Online customers, and produced various customer testimonial spots and interview highlight videos featuring the personal stories of the benefits and convenience of online grocery shopping were produced for the store. Broulim's then launched a video marketing campaign to engage their communities, relay the convenience of grocery shopping online, and to get their audience excited about trying the service. 

2017 Outstanding Merchandiser

The 2017 Outstanding Merchandiser title was awarded to Festival Foods for its “Eat Well" ad campaign entry. Festival Foods’ team of registered dietitians developed a quarterly Eat Well ad that encompassed affordable and healthy recipes. Within these ads, family favorite recipes were selected and merchandized together in their stores. 

2017 Category Winners


Category 1: Connections through Social Media and Digital Marketing

1 – 15 Store Winner: Broulim’s Video Campaign: Hear from Customers Like You, Broulim’s Fresh Foods

15+ Store Winner: HARPS 50% Off Produce, Harps Food Stores

Category 2: Connections through TV and Radio

1 – 15 Store Winner: Kaune’s Branding CampaignKaune’s Neighborhood Market

15+ Store Winner: It’s the Little Things, Festival Foods

Category 3: Connections through Print

1 – 15 Store Winner: Shindigs (Holiday Recipe Guide), Newport Avenue Market

15+ Store Winner: MORE Rewards Ad Scape in St. Cloud Times, Coborn’s

Category 4: Integrated Marketing Campaign

1 – 15 Store Winner: Black Box Coffee Bar and Donuttery Grand Opening, Country Harvest

15+ Store Winner: Battle at Bristol Campaign, K-VA-T Food Stores, Inc.

Category 5: Grand Opening or Remodel

1 – 15 Store Winner: Ron’s Country Market Remodel, Ron’s Country Market

15+ Store Winner: Harvest Market Grand Opening, Niemann Foods, Inc.


Category 6: Single Manufacturer Event

1 – 15 Store Winner: Kids Week – “Surf’s Up!” with Kemps, Chris’ Food Center

15+ Store Winner: Race for the Ryder Cup, Karns Food

Category 7: Store Event

1 – 15 Store Winner: Meet the Ranchers Store Event, Newport Avenue Market

15+ Store Winner: Eat Fresh. Eat Local., Associated Retail Operations

Category 8: Public Service or Charitable Cause Event

1 – 15 Store Winner: WPVGA Potato Contest, Trig’s (T.A. Solberg Co., Inc)

15+ Store Winner: World Largest Pineapple Display, Coborn’s

Category 9: Center Store/GM/HBC

1 – 15 Store Winner: Champagne's Market & KitchenaryChampagne’s Market & The Kitchenary

15+ Store Winner: Eat Well ad campaign, Festival Foods

Category 10: Perimeter Departments

1 – 15 Store Winner: Fromage Fantastique, West Seattle Thriftway

15+ Store Winner:  Birchberry Soup Program, Associated Food Stores

2017 Creative Choice Awards Ceremony

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